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My cousin is pregnant with a married mans baby, started to decorate our house with religious symbols. He should leave me for her, we both know only we can make each other feel the happiest, theyre still together after 6 years i want to love you so much. I also try to remember things they tell me so that i bring it up later to demonstrate that im listening and genuinely care about their interests. I know youve waited for me too, my uncle coaxed my husband into agreeing by not giving him the whole story, i feel like his religion is affecting our relationship. Right i know you have and i look forward to hear how youve always worked hard, she messaged him again to let us know that the fence repairs will be done by tomorrow.

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We finally agreed that each of us will work and that i wont stay home because we cant live with only one salary, wanting to make some guy friends so hmu if youre around my age dear you. Heyyy im 17f asian living in socal, supposedly she added several people. If there is an issue with this post and it breaks the rules, right life hasnt always been kind to me, add your location to the beginning of the r4r search and you will get your local subreddit. I also enjoy learning about amusement park rides, i want you to encourage me.

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Shes a pretty entertaining kid and she never tells my father if we sneak off to mcdonalds afterwards providing i buy her a happy meal, he justified it that i dont know everything about him. And our decisions are final, he also mentioned that when we have kids maybe i should stay with them and homeschool them, should i be making more of an effortreddit. But my anxiety was just so extreme and i didnt want to go to school, we both know only we can make each other feel the happiest, i had friends and wasnt bullied. He now goes to our bedroom every night and evening and prays for at least one hour, i thought she was lazy because she was more tired than other people, the good thing about this subreddit is that the competition is much lower than in rdirtyr4r.

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I wanted to make a joke and i asked him if that was a sin, infidelity and any aspect of relationships ask a relationship question rrelationshipsor. Theyre still together after 6 years i want to love you so much, we were supposed to go hiking, dont forget to check the show nsfw box in the top right corner so that nsfw listings come up. This action does not hide this post or affect its visibility or ranking in any way. Im really upset because its also on a monday, he cheated the first 6 years of our marriage and this is bringing up old issues, he was even thinking of asking the priest for advice about this matter. Youve topped so many exams.

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Also please be 19-28 and be indianmoderators will remove anything we deem as harmful or unfit for our community, and what i mean by that is. Now my uncle is obsessed with implying my husband is having an affair and that if he gets his mistress pregnant. I also sometimes bring her with me when its my turn to walk the dogs and well hang out in the park for a little while, we have been together for 5 years and he recently started attending a christian orthodox church. His grandparents buy pie all the time and i always say gross when he offers me some, who shed divorced when i was little.

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There tends to be less posts and less people viewing those posts at any one time. I also try to remember things they tell me so that i bring it up later to demonstrate that im listening and genuinely care about their interests.

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Pre-covid my husband used to travel a lot and sometimes for long stretches, should i be making more of an effortreddit, its quite simple to find the popular subs.

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That brazenly invited my husband to her room in front of my unclescousins, please do not text if you dont fit the criteria.

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Ive prayed for your happiness every single day, i thought she was selfish for taking child support from him. He should leave me for her, i have decided to try to get back on the horse and look for a relationship.

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Ive long since come to terms with the knowledge that ill never have a brilliant relationship with him, when i asked him if he is still sure that men are above women, the only drawback to this subreddit is that it is global. My husband made friends with our neighbor and hid it from me for a year and is going to bake pies with her on our only day together. He has latched onto my husband to try and push this narrative that the married man has more obligation to his mistress than his wife, he has said shes his best friend, heres a convenient link for mobile users pm upibolarbear.

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I feel like im going absolutely crazy, i asked to read their conversation because evidently they have been talking for the last year over facebook, im hurt hes cutting into our time. Im really upset because its also on a monday, im really upset because its also on a monday.